Start your career with Selina ICT Today

Selina ICT is always looking for talented technical and non-technical professionals to join our team. Located in Erbil, Iraq we’re rapidly growing in the technology consulting space. Selina ICT hires motivated, forward-thinking individuals who align with our core values.

We value people, process, and culture. In fact, we hire the best in the business. Over 90% of our engineering team has advanced certifications; we follow specific, tested processes to ensure we deliver the expected results; and most importantly, we operate within a culture of both transparency and integrity.

Why Should You Work For Us?

  • Industry-leading compensation
  • A corporate commitment to learning and growth
  • A voice in the future of the firm
  • Challenging goals and a sense of achievement
  • The security of joining a solid, experienced team
  • Mutual respect and respect for one’s life outside of work
  • Camaraderie and a few laughs in between

If you want to join us, you can send your CV to this email:

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