Enterprise Network Solutions

Data Center Network Solutions

Selina ICT Offers Enterprise Network Solutions In Iraq. Data Center Network (DCN) is essentially the heart of any data center. It acts as the link between all the components of the data center resources. DCNs besides the need to be efficient also need to be scalable and agile to connect hundreds or even thousands of servers to handle the growing demands of computing. With loads of experience implementing different scales of data center networks, we can help enterprises achieve optimum performance. Selina ICT provides capabilities to design and implement enterprise core networks for LAN, Data Centers, and Disaster Recovery sites.

Enterprise Network Solutions
campus area network

Campus Area Network

Campus Area Network (CAN) is a term that is usually used to define a computer network that connects several buildings and majorly comprises of two or more local area networks within a specific geographical area. Campus Area Networks can be found usually at enterprise campuses, educational institute campuses, office buildings, industrial complexes, military bases, and other similar campus areas. Selina ICT helps design and implement large campus network on architecture that spans multiple tiers of network devices that helps to ensure a highly available, scalable and secure network.

Wireless and Mobility

Wireless networking (commonly known as WiFi connectivity) is a term used to describe the technique leveraged by homes, enterprises, and telecom companies to avert costs and complexities associated with the introduction of cables to a building, or as a medium of connectivity between several device locations. Selina ICT helps design (Heat map Surveys), deploying secure wireless network solution for data and voice traffic that seamlessly integrates with the core network enabling mobility to users.

wireless and mobility
network management

Network Management

Network management is the term used to describe a set of activities that are required to be performed for managing any computer network. Selina ICT works with its partners in creating a platform for monitoring the performance of a network and managing the network from a central configuration.

Software-Defined Networks

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a modern methodology leveraged by network administrators to manage network services via the abstraction of higher-level functionality. Selina ICT is one of the very few System Integrators in the region who can provide complete SDN implementation spanning infrastructure and applications.

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unified communication solutions

Unified Communication Solutions

Unified Communications (UC) refers to a broad integration of instantaneous enterprise communication services such as Presence Information, IM (Chat), Voice services like IP telephony, Enterprise Mobility features (such as extension mobility), Web Conferencing, Audio/Video Conferencing services, Fixed-Mobile convergence, Instant desktop and data sharing, real-time whiteboards and call control. Unified communications are also responsible for speech recognition along with off-line communication services including unified messaging (integrated voicemail, email, FAX, and SMS). We have in-house skill sets to integrate different modes of communication into the network platform enabling customers to achieve unified communications.

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