What is enterprise network solutions?

Enterprise networks or business networks are used in businesses to enhance their operational efficiency. Enterprise networks are usually large-scale networks that support big companies with complex needs.

Selina ICT specialize in providing high-tech enterprise network solutions for medium and large organizations. They offer plans for both wired and wireless networking, internet connectivity, fiber optic connectivity, data storage solutions etc. Network providers offer various network bandwidths to satisfy the different needs of the customers.

What is enterprise network architecture?

Enterprise network architecture is the strategic design of the network infrastructure to ensure that all business units are connected and can share information.

The enterprise network architecture includes

  • Datacenter Networks (DCN)
  • Campus Area Networks (CAN)
  • Wireless and Mobility (WLAN and WiFi connectivity)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)

WAN is a computer network that spans different locations. It can be either software running on the PC or a hardware device with the purpose of connecting two or more networks. Sometimes WANs are used to connect multiple offices of the same company together for efficiency and higher productivity levels.

Selina ICT Offers Wan Optimization Solutions In Iraq, for accelerated delivery of any application across the Hybrid WAN. With WAN optimization, you have better visibility into application and network performance and the end-user experience.

The benefits of Wide Area Network Optimization Solutions are higher data transfer rates, interruption-free connectivity, lower downtime, improved application performance, and minimalistic latency.

With Cisco technology, enterprises can create a simplified network that enables connectivity to personal devices and cloud-based applications.

Why network management is important for your business?

Network management is important to ensure that all the systems are functioning well.

    • Network traffic analysis helps understand network performance and identify potential problems.
    • Bandwidth management is necessary to have a better control over how much data should be allocated to each user or device.
    • Network configuration management should be done in order to maintain an efficient communication network.
    • Performance monitoring helps identify possible bottlenecks in the communication network and take appropriate action before they can affect other systems on the network.

How unified communication solutions can improve team communication?

Communication is key to any organization. It lets people share ideas and make decisions efficiently. So, it’s no wonder that many organizations are trying to enhance team communication by using unified communications solutions (UC).

UC integrates instantaneous enterprise communication services like IM , IP Telephony , mobility features , Audio/Video conferencing.

Selina ICT have in-house skill sets to integrate different modes of communication into the network platform enabling customers to achieve the best of unified communications.